Welcome to Reality’s Edge!

Step aboard one of our three unique starship simulators today and command your crew to victory!  We offer an immersive, teamwork focused simulation that will form lasting memories and strengthen the bonds between families, classes, corporate groups, and friends. Our mission simulations are a choose-your-own-adventure story where your group may be tasked with the responsibility of saving lives, fighting off aliens, or a plethora of other scenarios tailored to your individual group!

What is a Space Center?

A space center is the combination of improv theater and a live­‐action, team­‐based simulation. People from all ages can come to adventure in a futuristic set; guided by our Flight Directors who lead and guide the crew. Each flight has it’s own unique series of challenges and discoveries, similar to an episode of television. However, at Reality’s Edge, you and your friends are the actors and protagonists of these stories!

We have three different ships to experience at Reality’s Edge, all with their own stories and capabilities. Click below to discover what ship is right for your group!

Group flights are available for 2 1/2 to 5 hours long and are recommended for ages 10 and older.  Junior flights offer controls and adjusted experience for participants 5-9 years old and are 70 minutes long.

Our flight directors work hard to cater each experience to the skills and abilities of the participants no matter which you choose.

We are proud to be voted Utah Valley’s favorite birthday destination! We will make your birthday party a breeze to plan with our easy-to-add party room. Add a party room to any mission option and have a place to eat and open presents. Use our on-site refrigeration and heating for a place to store your food while the party is in full swing.

If you have questions or need special arrangements for your group, feel free to contact us below!

What we offer


Voted Utah Valley’s favorite birthday destination! We will make your birthday party a breeze to plan with our easy-to-add party station. Places are provided to eat and open presents, with refrigeration onsite for a place to store your food while the party is in full swing

Summer camps

Become members of a command crew, performing missions that last overnight or even longer! The decisions made individually for your role and collectively as a team determine the outcome of each mission and shape the immersive narrative that unfolds over the course of several hours to an entire week!

Dates and family night

Work and form lasting experiences together with your significant others. Voted Utah Valley’s best date night in 2016, this is an experience that is best shared with people you love. With the ability to accommodate 6 people and up, this activity is perfect for group dates and prom!

...& so much more

The space center is for everyone. Groups of friends wanting to hang out, corporate groups looking for team building or just a good time. Cosplay groups, bingo clubs, scifi enthusiasts and anybody aged 5 to 500! We sincerely believe that space centers are an experience to be shared by everyone and we look forward to seeing you here.

From cruising the stars as at a birthday party to negotiating a galactic truce with your friends, our three amazing spacecraft are able to host a wide variety of group sizes and types. The Dauntless (6-8 people) Valiant (9-11 people) and the Everest (10-14 people) offer immersive, teamwork focused simulations that are designed to be thrilling, unforgettable adventures. Our junior flights are available from ages 5 to 9 and our standard flights available for ages 10 and up.



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